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Connect the houses

Houses exist on a grid, and you need to connect them to the power station or water tower. Tap blocks to rotate them and line up wires or pipes. Once every block is powered, you win!

Tap the lightning bolt or water drop to switch between the power station and the water tower.

A simple and addictive puzzle game, good for passing the time and exercising your logical mind.

Three difficulties to solve

Beat every puzzle on three separate difficulties:

  • Normal - Solve as usual. Rotate blocks to connect them to each other.
  • Expansion - Blocks are locked unless they're powered or watered. Solve from the source outward!
  • Gridlocked - Once you're done rotating a block, it locks into place. No take backs!

Made for mobile

Gridlocked is for casual, mobile gaming, but it can be easily played on the computer as well. Your progress can be backed up and transferred between devices.

Free and Open Source

Gridlocked's code is licensed by Alex Leone under GNU GPL 3.0, a free software license. Graphics are released by Alex Leone under CC-BY-SA 4.0, a free culture license. You can download the source code and assets for free on GitLab.

You can download Gridlocked for free on the Google Play Store.

Mac and Linux versions

We're currently working on Gridlocked for Mac and Linux. Hopefully they'll be done soon. Follow this project to be notified when they're available!


  • Spanish - Katie Kolodzie
  • Dutch - Andrew Donders
  • Norwegian - Alex Leone
  • German - Pascal Matei

If you'd like Gridlocked to be translated to another language, or if you'd like to translate Gridlocked to another language, leave a comment below!


Report bugs you find by submitting an issue here. Direct all other questions and feedback to me@alexjleone.com, or leave a comment below! I'd love to hear what you think.


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Version v1.4

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Dear Mr. Leone:

I have played your game without knowing it was open source at the time and I really liked it. I just wanted to let you know that you should put the open source tag on this game as well as perhaps consider publishing it on fdroid as well so that open source community can easily download it without relying on google play store.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m happy that you enjoyed the game. :D

I’ve added the open source tag. Thanks!

I love F-Droid! I intend to publish Gridlocked on F-Droid when I can. Right now, to publish there, I need to first create a better automated build system. I couldn’t get it working quickly, so I figured I’d start by releasing the DRM-free APK here on itch.io, so people could start playing and enjoying it. I’ll keep you posted with my progress on an F-Droid build (such as it is) in the dev logs on this page. :)

Hope you continue to enjoy connecting those pipes and wires!