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Concise Dungeon World information, for fast reference during the game.

If you hate flipping through the Dungeon World book or PDF during a game, this quick reference GM book is for you. Print it out and keep it with you while you play, in addition to your GM screen. It's got that information that you need not-that-often-but-just-often-enough.

Designed to be used with my Dungeon World Quick Reference GM Screen.

Book Contents

7 pages of information. Print out what you need.

  • Lists of NPC names, all together and also by race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling)
  • Instant NPC Instincts and Knacks, in rollable tables (d100s)
  • Hireling stats: starting numbers, possible costs, and skill names
  • Quick Steadings, with a big list of Steading names and the rules for creating them in short form 
  • List of common quest motivations (why are they doing it) and quest categories (what are they doing)
  • Suddenly Ogres reference: what to do on a miss on a knowledge roll (WIS or INT)?
  • Quick Dangers, with impulses, impending dooms, and all the GM Danger moves
  • Quick guidelines for framing and ending scenes
  • Bullet points for how to manage the spotlight
  • My own personal list of tips for GMing (your mileage may vary)
  • A list of good questions to ask your players about their characters, organized by class

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Editable file is included.

Happy GMing! :)


Direct all questions and feedback to me@alexjleone.com.


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