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A text-based open-world fantasy roleplaying game

Explore the wilderness, find hidden magical treasures, and discover powerful secrets. Interact with people and places you encounter however you choose as the world changes around you. Save your most important moments to help you remember them later.

Your choices matter. Change the balance of power and the fates of everyone you meet! Or don't. You can stay in the tavern, go fishing, or ignore everyone and just do your own thing. The choice is completely up to you.


Watch gameplay footage from Upheaval below:


  • Incredibly replayable! Complete each adventure in 30-90 minutes. Play multiple times to learn more about the world and explore multiple endings.
  • Big world! Over 40 unique locations to explore and discover.
  • Dynamic! Non-player characters (both friends and enemies) are living, moving people for you to respond to and interact with, not just static encounters waiting for you to find them.
  • Treasure! Over 15 magical and mundane treasures and items for you to find and use, each of which can be used in multiple different ways.
  • So many endings! Over 5,000 unique endings, depending on your choices throughout the game. What mark will you leave on the world when your adventure is over?
  • Magic! In 30 days, the Magician will arrive. How will you spend your time until then?
  • Lore! A rich history surrounds your little village, its secrets hidden in the beautiful and treacherous landscape around it. Discover how magic has affected the land in generations past. How will your knowledge of the past influence your decisions today?
  • Fantasy! Goblins, bandits, spells, curses, undead spirits, faeries, visions, true love, and more!

Early Access - Alpha

New content is added with each release. Buy the alpha release today at a discount and own all future releases of Upheaval as well!


Wanna try Upheaval for free first? Download the demo (coming soon) below to play an earlier version of game for free. :)


Join our subreddit community to see inside peeks into Upheaval's development and chat with the developer.

The Upheaval icon was created by Alex Leone from parts of the cowled and pyromaniac icons by Lorc, licensed under CC BY 3.0.


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$9.99 $4.99 USD or more

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Version 0.0.4

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