Updated Demo available, New and Improved!

A new and improved Upheaval demo is available now! The updated demo has ALL the same content as the full version of Upheaval, BUT you can only play the demo for 15 in-game days instead of the full 30 days.

That means that, by playing the demo, you can experience all the updates and improvements that Upheaval has received up to that moment, while still being limited in how much you can do within that single adventure; practically speaking, certain encounters will be inaccessible in the demo, since they’re nearly impossible to get to within 15 days.

Also: Going forward, the Upheaval demo will continue to be updated to the latest version of the game every time a new version is released! So, whenever you notice a new version has come out, you can check out the new version of the demo (if you haven’t already bought the game), or download the latest update.

Download the Demo

Thanks! :) Let me know what you think about this change in the comments below!


Upheaval Demo - Android 119 MB
Version 0.0.5 Dec 19, 2022
Upheaval Demo - Windows 114 MB
Version 0.0.5 Dec 19, 2022
Upheaval Demo - Windows Command Line 73 MB
Version 0.0.5 Dec 19, 2022

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