Upheaval Alpha Version 0.0.6 is Available (The Goblin Update)

Hi adventurers! Upheaval Alpha Version 0.0.6 is the Goblin Update! Our friends/enemies the goblins have received a huge rewrite, including tons of new encounters, updated encounters, bug fixes (SO MANY bug fixes), improved descriptions, better navigation in the cave, and other changes described below, PLUS many other non-goblin changes and improvements!

Try out this update by downloading the demo, or, if you own Upheaval, download the new update from the game page.

After you download the update, start a new game to try the new content!

Screenshot of the top half of Upheaval. It says: Deep in the Green Forest - 17 days left, night. You hear goblins crashing through the forest, coming in your direction. It sounds like a lot of them. What do you do?



  • Added new villager encounter announcing that the Goblin King has spread into the forest.
  • Added new goblin patrol in the forest, for when the goblins have spread into it.
  • Added new encounters for the new goblin patrol (including a choice suggested by Jasmo on the Discord).
  • Added flavor descriptions to the caves for when you hear goblin footsteps.
  • Added goblin food that you can find in the store room (gross).
  • Added new encounters for when you go east, foolishly, into goblin territory (I don’t recommend it).
  • Added ability to swipe goblin keys from passing goblins.
  • Added new encounter in the village for after you defeat the Goblin King.
  • Added another location the imp can sometimes take you. :)
  • Added ability to store your Map of the Area at home.
  • Added new option when encountering undead warriors.
  • Added ability to throw a rock at the vultures (anonymous request from feedback form).


  • Completely rewrote a lot of the underlying goblin code.
  • Revised your choices when in prison.
  • Changed the goblin prison escape experience.
  • Made it more terrifying to be caught by triggering the goblin alarm too much.
  • Made opening the store room door while goblins are nearby trigger the goblin alarm.
  • Changed the ways that goblins find you when you’re hiding or invisible in the goblin caves.
  • Made it one action (instead of two) to unlock and go through the store room door.
  • Store room door is now unlocked when the Goblin King dies.
  • Simplified hiding behind the tapestry.
  • Simplified coming through the secret tunnel into the corridor.
  • Changed the location “East Edge of the Burial Mounds” to “Field East of the Burial Mounds,” and updated appropriate descriptions (hopefully this will make the location easier to find and more distinct).
  • Changed imp behaviour when ignoring her.
  • Made the undead warriors by the tower move around a bit, so you have a chance to sneak into the tower around them.
  • Removed choices that don’t open your Mysterious Box if you have a choice that can open it available to you.
  • Rewrote search tutorial; hopefully it’s clearer and easier to scan now.
  • Clarified that you are not teleported to the Magician at the end, you can just hear them wherever you are.
  • Made the Windows version skinnier, so it’s the same as the mobile version for now, until the desktop version UI gets reworked.
  • Improved lots of descriptions (corrected typos, improved clarity or grammar, etc).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where goblins would be present or adjacent to you, but wouldn’t be described.
  • Fixed SO MANY goblin bugs! D:
  • Fixed crash bug when you encounter multiple undead hordes in the same location. Thanks, Luel! :D
  • Fixed bug where villagers would sometimes approach you if you were invisible.
  • Fixed some bugs where certain paragraphs would sometimes end abruptly halfway through.
  • Fixed the “exit” command in Windows Console version not working.
  • Fixed some issues where the second group of bandits would be described incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes follow the ranger or imp even when you didn’t see them leave.


A screenshot of Upheaval. The game says: Deep in the Green Forest - 17 days left, afternoon. You hear goblins crashing through the forest, coming in your direction. It seems like they must be following you! What do you do? Hide where you are, Wait in the open, Freeze from terror, Run away (1 time) A screenshot of Upheaval. The game says: You’re in a torch-lit corridor. The corridor winds to the east and west. A wooden door is built into the north wall. A tapestry covers the south wall; it depicts an enormous Goblin King leading his armies into battle, carried in a litter. You’re hiding behind the tapestry. You’ll have to step out to go anywhere. An eerie stillness pounds in your skull. One goblin guard with a spear is here. It has an ugly key on its belt. You’re invisible with the ring on. Step out from behind the tapestry, Hold your breath, Confront the lone goblin, Take off the magic ring A screenshot of Upheaval. The game says: Cave: Corridor - 16 days left, night. You try to grab for the key, but, just at the last minute, the goblin turns, making it impossible to grab the key without the goblin noticing. Grab the key and reveal yourself, Let it go A screenshot of Upheaval. The game says: Cave: Dungeons - 15 days left, morning. You’re in the Goblin King’s dungeon. Five other cells are built, like yours, into the rock. The cave winds east and west. The cave’s exit is west; it doesn’t smell so foul there. You’re locked in a cell. It smells damp and horrid in here. You hear goblin voices outside the cave. Rosalind is locked inside one of the other cells. “They got you again?” she says grimly. Open your cell door and leave, Sit and despair (1 time), Hold your breath, Scratch a mark on the wall, Study the goblin patrols carefully (2 time), MORE OPTIONS

Join the Upheaval Discord to chat with the developer, ask questions, and get the inside scoop on upcoming development. Thanks! :)


Upheaval Alpha - Windows 114 MB
Version 0.0.6 Jan 23, 2023
Upheaval Alpha - Android 119 MB
Version 0.0.6 Jan 23, 2023
Upheaval Alpha - Windows Command Line 73 MB
Version 0.0.6 Jan 23, 2023
Upheaval Demo - Windows 114 MB
Version 0.0.6 Jan 23, 2023
Upheaval Demo - Android 119 MB
Version 0.0.6 Jan 23, 2023
Upheaval Demo - Windows Command Line 73 MB
Version 0.0.6 Jan 23, 2023

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